Our Mission

At MLS, we are committed to providing the highest quality of specialised container solutions to free up your resources. Displaying teamwork and respect, our team safely provide an accurate, reliable and efficient service which adapts to the idiosyncratic requirements of each warehouse.

About Us

Macarthur Labour Services (MLS) is a family owned and run labour service specialising in container loading and unloading. We also offer end-to-end solutions and are experienced in cross-palletisation. MLS was established in 2011 and continues to expand every year receiving numerous awards and accolades as MLS continues to develop.


What differentiates us is our efficient, reliable, tight-knit and diverse team. At every site we are marvelled at our speed and accuracy of getting the job done, and doing it right the first time. Amongst our staff we have a number of university graduates and students as well as qualified tradesmen, sportsmen and seasoned professional container unloaders. We carefully recruit through a thorough process including inductions, face to face interviews, official screenings tests and trials. This process ensures we uphold our premium standards and the positive culture.

Products & Locations MLS Service

We have built lasting relationships across South West Sydney, including Prestons, Moorebank and Ingleburn. Our team are extremely versatile and adaptable and we regularly handle a vast array of goods such as alcohol, refrigerated and non-refrigerated consumables, medical equipment, packaging, furniture and whitegoods.